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About the Psychologist

Leepile Thebe is a Consulting Psychologist at EPC operating within the heart of Johannesburg CBD, where he is centrally located to engage with a myriad of complex issues presenting in this fast-paced environment. Leepile is trained to assess, diagnose, treat and prevent mental disorders from reoccurring, as well as to facilitate opportunities for growth and development for patients and organisations.

Ebenezer Psychological Consultancy (EPC)

Recognizes that it may not be easy to seek help from a mental health professional; we hope that with our help you will be better able to understand your situation and feelings and will be able to move toward resolving your difficulties. The therapist will strive to help you grow toward greater health and wholeness by providing psychological services from an evidence-based therapeutic modalities. Our therapists work within the context of each individual’s beliefs, and no attempt is made to impose a personal theology.

Our therapists believe in tailoring psychotherapy for the needs of the individual, couple or group. They work eclectically from a psychodynamic and post-modern paradigm with the premise of multiple realities, social constructionism and systemic thinking.

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